5 Steps to Reignite Your Revenue


You don't need more advice. You need a clear path to more revenue. Watch this free masterclass to learn powerful insights that you can apply to your business today.

Hosted by Jose Palomino

CEO & Founder of Value Prop

What You'll Learn

Ahem, and know exactly who they are...

Tool: Account Base Assessment

Step 1

How do you even have that conversation?

Tool: The 7 Key Questions Script

Step 2

Thus making yourself and your offerings indispensable 

Tool: Problem/Pain Identifier

Step 3 

And get a bigger cut of their "budget pie"

Tool: Account Growth Plan

Step 4

And make closing sales a breeze

Tool: Custom Value Prop Z-Chart

Step 5

How to Understand Their Problems & Pain

How to Prioritize Your Best Customers 

How to Align to Their Objectives

How to Expand Your Share of Wallet

How to Leverage Your Value Proposition

Meet Your Guide

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love underdogs. I love fighting the good fight alongside business owners—because that's who I am too.

Over 15 years ago, I founded Value Prop for one mission: helping business owners grow their businesses on purpose. Ever since, I've helped hundreds of owners revolutionize their strategy, marketing, and sales processes—and achieve incredible results.

I'm Jose Palomino, CEO of Value Prop.

– Mark Feffer

Editor and Publisher, HCM Technology Report

"Jose is one of the smartest sales and marketing minds I have ever worked with. I follow many of his lessons to this day."

Take Their Word for It

– Bruce Leto

Partner, Dynamic Wave Consulting

"Jose Palomino is a problem solver. It’s truly remarkable how Jose can transmute a sea of information into a perfect, ready-to-go solution. Jose led me in the right direction. Within three days, I secured two large-scale accounts using his guidance."

– John McNeely

CEO,  Spec-Rite Systems, Inc.

"Value Prop has been vital to our business success by keeping us focused on driving revenue. With Jose's help, we increased the valuation of one of our divisions, leading to its successful sale."

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